The Heirloom Amador documentary series...

is a passion project that documents, uplifts, and showcases rural parents and their ongoing practices as they raise youth in the "up-country" region of Amador County. Our goal is to increase the visibility of rural lives. 

According to Let’s Get Healthy CA in 2019, county wide, Amador 3rd graders are reading 5.4% below stage average, 17% below state objectives. Our economically disadvantaged kids are reading 19% below state average. Studies have proven that reading skill is linked is linked to longer life expectancy, as well as improved quality of life and healthy behaviors.

Many parents in Amador County are addressing the educational and social needs of their children on a personal level, in creative ways, despite reduced access to necessities of healthy life.  Local parents and caregivers teach children their craft, homeschool, coach sports teams, or volunteer with educational parent groups to bring opportunity to our "up-country" children. Our job is to find and illuminate these individuals so they can become a marker and an inspiration for other parents, business owners, and professionals.

We hope the documentary series will encourage policy makers, school administrators, voters, and community members to understand and examine the reality of our rural children and parents in their struggle to live and achieve a healthy life. Community members must integrate this reality into their daily conversations for real change and real support to happen for our children. 

The Heirloom Amador project is committed to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity, ability and experience and will seek to include a diverse selection of subjects to fully celebrate the voices of our community. 

Small Scale Farming

Kaylee Stockton practices small scale sustainable farming and hands down the lost art to her kids. She lives in Pine Grove, CA.

Check back for updates and more videos from the Heirloom Amador Documentary Series