Weddings are a tapestry...

woven with distinct threads of tradition, emotion and connection and all weddings hold a special place in my heart. There's an undeniable charm in the uniqueness of each celebration, from grand affairs steeped in formality to intimate gatherings that embrace creativity or simplicity. It's the profound bonds that individuals forge with their partners, families and friends that truly captivate me.

Witnessing people surrounded by their loved ones, those who bring out their truest selves, is an experience that resonates with me. It's in these moments of authenticity and vulnerability that the essence of a wedding shines through. Even after capturing countless unions, I confess that the sight of teary-eyed vows still tugs at my heartstrings.

I genuinely enjoy employing various techniques to capture the depth of every wedding. Wedding days are many photo/video sessions rolled into one and they require creativity, experience, and skill to capture well on a limited timeline with a changing environment. One moment I'm stepping back to use the candid, photojournalistic approach, and the next moment I'm guiding with a gentle touch. The day demands skillful direction to ensure the most exquisite representation of couples, and I thoroughly enjoy the fast-paced challenge. 

What truly stirs my soul is the new affection I have for creating emotive videos. I now have expertise spanning both photography and videography and I am so proud to offer wedding collections that encompass a captivating array of still images accompanied by a poignant highlights video. I believe that a wedding highlights video can be a cinematic masterpiece that intricately weaves carefully selected shots and melodies and crafts a compelling narrative that resonates with the very essence of a wedding day. Making movies is my new favorite thing. 

My fondness for weddings is rooted in the happiness that a wedding day brings. It's about the connections, the emotions and the genuine instances that define each celebration. As I document these chapters of love, my heart remains devoted to encapsulating the beauty and significance that each wedding holds.