Here's a peek at the person behind the camera...

I'm wife to Jesse, for over 10 years, but we're pushing 20 together. We travelled the world, finished college and started careers before having children. Our kids are Barrett, 6 and Graham, 3. 

I started Kelly Curtis Photography 6 years ago, after immersing myself in emergency medicine and teaching. When I became a mom, I found that being with Barrett was the most fulfilling and interesting job I could ever do, so I dedicated myself to being a full-time Mom. 

With a first baby, there is lots of quiet time, so, having experimented with photography since childhood, I started down a path of self-taught photography. I did a friend's wedding, then another friend's family photos. I took photos of my husband, as a new dad with his first son.

What struck me about photographing people instead of say, dogs or mushrooms, was that I found myself playing a crucial role in the milestones of people's lives. Suddenly, I was helping people celebrate their bond with their loved ones. I am still struck, that with every beautiful photo I make, I am memorializing a very important part of a person's life.

Creating something bigger than myself, something lasting, that told a story of people and their lives was an unexpected reward of the photography job. I found joy in showing people the love they have in their world, by creating a large family portrait, capturing the ring exchange at a wedding, or recording a quiet moment between a mother and a new baby. 

The greatest honor I have as a photographer is walking into a long-time client's home for another shoot and seeing photos that we made together all over their walls. I love that they can hand their children these photos someday, and say, "Look, our life is art."

The business has grown, but the roots are the same. Now I work with my mom, Liz Curtis, on almost every shoot and wedding. She's incredible to work with because she finds immense value in the craft and she really loves people.

True to the roots of my business, I limit the amount of work I do each year. My main job is still being home with my kids, my husband, our parents and family.

Lastly, at the end of the day, when I wrap a client's photos and prepare them for the reveal, it's very important that I finish the job with the original quality of service that I gave my first clients, my best and closest friends. Our lives really are art and should be treated as such. 

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